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"Take A Look At Our Beautiful, Full-color
Rank & Membership Certificates"

   All certificates contain your personal information and are printed on heavy Astro-bright white paper. These custom certificates are perfect for framing and are sure to impress your students and visitors alike.

All certificates are personally signed by GM Marek and individually numbered. He also stamps them all with his personal Hanko (Japanese Seal), so as to prevent forgeries.

   These outstanding certificates are unlike anything you have ever seen and they are available only through the International Kenpo Karate Federation. Order yours today and show your students and fellow instructors your pride of being a Kenpo practitioner that his rank recognized by the IKKF.

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See What Other's Have To Say
About Of Our Certificates

Grandmaster Marek,

Thank you!  The certificates are absolutely amazing!

Every time I look at them I feel a great sense of achievement, My certificates are beautifully displayed and the compliments from students and friends are overwhelming.

I am a proud member of the IKKF. I am looking forward to my future achievements.


Billy Malik
4th Degree Black Belt

White Tiger Kenpo Karate

* * * * *

   Listen and see what Professor Tony Aloe from New York has to say about his certificates.

     Click Here To Listen To The Unsolicited Voicemail

Tony Aloe
6th Degree Black Belt
East Coast Black Belt Academy

* * * * *

Hello Grandmaster Marek,

   Being in the martial arts for over 30 years, and having enough certificates to wall paper a house. I found the IKKF certificates are absolutely the BEST designed I've ever seen. They are exceptional and absolutely gorgeous. It's a MUST have for any serious Kenpo Karate Practitioner.

GM Jim Brassard
10th Dan

* * * * *

Hello Dr. Marek,

   These certificates are absolutely GORGEOUS. I keep getting complements about my certificates from my students and my instructors. These certificates give me INSTANT credibility when I talk with prospective students. Way to go, Dr. Marek. I am proud to be a member of your Federation.

Sincerely yours,

Master Richard Way
5th Degree Black Belt







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