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"Meet Some Of Our Members ..."

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GM Ron Marek, PhD
10th Dan - Bushido Kenpo
IKKF President - Founder

Jesus Gerardo Escalante Patino
9th Dan - Venezuela Country Director
Fundador del Kenpo Karate Venezolano

kenpo karate

GM Klaus Schuhmacher
Internationally acclaimed Grand Master

kenpo karate

GM Jim Brassard
10th Dan - Shaolin American Kempo
Hyannis, MA

kenpo karate

Richard Way
5th Dan - American Kenpo

kenpo karate

Billy Malik

 4th Dan - White Tiger Kenpo Karate
Pakistan Director

kenpo karate

Erich H. Iturra Camaņo
 6th Dan - American Kenpo Karate
Chile Director

kenpo karate

Anthony Aloe
6th Dan - Kenpo Karate
Middle Island, NY

kenpo karate

Thor E. Sulland
Founder - Warrior Dragon - Kenpo Karate
United Kingdom Director

Lazaro "Assassin" Bueno
5ht Dan - American Kenpo
Miami, FL

Stéphane Thibault
1st Dan - Kenpo Karate
Quebec, Canada

kenpo karate

Seyed Hossein Moghadasi
8th Dan - Kenpo Karate
Iran - Country Director












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